MAK 1 Star VS 2 Star Review – PRO’S & CON’S

Relatively speaking, there is no grand difference between the MAK 1-Star and the 2-Star; just a slight change in making cooking pretty much easy and faster. Allow us to talk about the shelves, MAK’s 1-Star got you covered with just a shelf, while the 2-Star happily gives 3 shelves, beautiful, isn’t it?

MAK 1-Star VS 2 Star Review

A lot of options are available on the 2-Star as it occupies a bit of your space; the 1-Star is just with limited options; as wider space controls its stand.


Notwithstanding, they both do the exact thing. Asides from this, 2-Star is easier when cleaning is needed because it has not so many areas to get your hands on, while the 1-Star will take your time while you do the cleaning.

One would expect an upgrade whenever any product or device releases new versions of its former, hence, MAK’s 2-Star grill is ideal for high cooking, I mean, its capacity is beyond the 1-Star’s. Drip pans can be used without getting panic, its longevity is another thing to talk about, it is nicer than the former.

Both are convenient to use as you carry out varieties of cooking and smoking, but the 2-Star offers a greater experience. You are better satisfied using the 2-Star compared to the 1-Star. Searing a stick, cooking pizza, or smoking a brisket won’t go wrong when you make use of any of these, but the 2-Star is just too good.

The flaming zone, pellet dump door, and the cold smoking drawer are quite different from each other, but delivery is the same. Their sizes are too far from each other. An expensive smoker tube or any other accessory is not needed to partake in an effective ride.

The 1-Star is good for those who dislike cold smoking, and whoever loves getting the hopper out of the scooping pellets, while the 2-Star is ideal for anyone who detests any of these. Both Stars gives a different taste; the finger-licking type, whenever you place any meat on them with your favourite seasoning, and flavouring.

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MAK 1-Star Pellet Grill Review

The grill’s heating system is as fast as Cheetah, as you have a properly positioned machine with great construction to run whatever you want to cook. It also regulates the temperature excellently. And to grease it all, MAK has been in the industry, producing metals for over 20 years, so you got nothing to worry about.

It is ideal for slow and low smoking because it produces enough heat to keep the smoking process at the appropriate temperature. This is because the grill structure is somewhat small in size. The temperature control unit is just like those in pricey grills, if not better.

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You can make use of this grill both as a newbie or as one who’s been cooking on it for centuries. It is easy to use, just that the MAK 2-Star got several features, expectedly. One of the features is an exit for disposing of your pellet hopper. Amazing will it be, if you can sort for the 2-Star; the cleaning approach is easy and fast, as it offers more interesting benefits.

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