Why Your Traeger Auger Keeps Jamming – HOW TO FIX!

The grill’s motor begins to fail when the auger keeps jamming. The jam does affect the grill. And one of reasons an auger will jam is based on the fact that it has been contaminated with a very hard object, which could either be a nail or screw. Any of these objects may have strongly contacted the pellet hopper, making the auger to keep jamming.

Why Your Traeger Auger Keeps Jamming

Another reason is expansion; the wood pellets expands the moment it is exposed to water or any amount of liquid content. The hopper lid will be awfully affected; as wet pellets do allow the auger to keep jamming.

To restore its position, you can simply remove the auger by engaging a wrench into action, then thoroughly clean the tube by making use of a flat object; the easiest and most advisable way to get this done (removing the auger to get it cleaned), is by using a drill.

Ensure that you drill is fully charged; in case you are using a battery drill. There is nothing like using a corded grill, it does the removing perfectly well.

How To Clean A Auger With A Drill

Removing the auger’s motor is he first thing to do, before you insert the drill into its shaft. For an effective grip let the chuck be tightened enough, as you make the drill work in reverse, in order to get the auger out from its jammed state.

Up next is to still clean the expanded and dried sawdust around the auger tube, you then have to re-insert the auger by setting the drill forward. The only compatible drills with auger motor are the current budget range, and the Trager grills of the first-generation.

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Traeger Auger Keeps Jamming

Conclusively, ensure you purchase an extra auger motor while you purchase your grill, because a faulty auger motor is always accompanied with jammed auger, which is caused by accumulation of force on the motor.

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