Traeger Century 885 Vs. Pro 780 Vs. Ironwood 885 Vs. Silverton 620

Undoubtedly, these four products are crafted from top-notch and higher professional brands in the grill industry. And over the years, they have proven to have an unbeatable landmark, with hundreds of amazing reviews from users. Especially, the Traeger brand; she has been exceptional and innovative in creating a solution that gives you that quality taste on every bite of your pork, beef, or any other meat.

Traeger Century 885 Vs. Pro 780 Vs. Ironwood 885 Vs. Silverton 620

Having said that, you should notice that Traeger masterminded and designed 90% of these aforementioned grills. Notwithstanding, there will always be the better best among the best; let us take a ride through these excellent grills. Come along!

Peradventure, you happen to be a member of Costco; you will want to have answers to several questions on the Traeger grill and a detailed contrast with other grill giants like the Ironwood 885 and Silverton 620.


With some peculiarities and differences, we have spent a couple of days educating you on this, before you make that great move to get your preference.

Traeger Century 885 is indeed a great deal you can place your money on; compared to the Ironwood 885, Century 885 contains a 646 to 238 cooking square space for its primary and secondary grate.


It has a warming tray, absent two wall insulation, lack super smoke, but got you covered with a cover.

Meanwhile, the three other products, starting with Pro 780, has super smoke, automatic and fast cooling system, 780 square space at max.-although, this Pro 780 is the grill with the smallest space among the other three. Others have a similar square space on your cooking ground.

Just like the Pro 780, Ironwood 885, and Silverton 620, Traeger Century 885 got you a WiFire connection where you get to monitor and control the temperature of your grill without being physically present, like the hotness of the grill baths you in the pool of Bethesda.

Pro 780, Ironwood 885, and Silverton 620 grill will give you the exact temperature you set, with no course for alarm. So will Traeger Century 885 do the same with the absence of sentiments or malfunctioning, amazing, isn’t it?

Traeger Century 885 stands to be a grill with an accurate control system, which makes the smoke flavour feature remain out of it. Hence, it does not discharge the needed amount of smoke for effective results.

On the other hand, the Traeger Pro 780 grill, has a Wi-Fi-app control system, it is capable of running your long cooking activities, as the app feeds you with the needed recipes to icing your beef, and pork to the most sumptuous level.

The down part is that the app takes almost a whole week to respond to controls; it is slow in working not needed.

As a result of these, it is evident that the Pro 780 grill, lacks some amazing features other grills like the Traeger Century 885, Ironwood 885, and the Silverton 620 possesses.

Although it has virtually everything as well, its weakness is the slow result generated whenever commands or controls are enabled.

Compared to other grills on this list, the Pro 780 model from the prestigious Traeger, can handle ribs of six slabs, 34 full burgers, and six chickens all at once.

Nothing near the other three on the list. It got the smallest capacity among these grills.

The advance features available on Traeger Century 885, Ironwood 885, and Silverton 620 are not completely available on the Pro 780 model.

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Although, instant and straight results are guaranteed when you cook your chicken, duck, beef, steaks, brisket, duck, lamb shoulders, and the likes, on the Pro 780 model. It does not have the super smoke feature, which makes your meat extraordinarily flavoured and fast in cooking. To cap it all, the lowest temperature level on this grill is 165, while the highest is 500°F.

Ironwood 885 has the super smoke feature, which is available in others, except the Pro 780 model. It helps your cooking fast, as delicious flavours are served on whatever meat you choose to cook on the grill.

You get what you want and expect with the D2 drivetrain, which gives you the exact control you command on the grill, Ironwood 780, particularly.

This feature is common to all the grills on this list, but its ineffectiveness is known to Pro 780 alone.

Unfortunately, the Ironwood 885 grill model grants efficient and clean pellet burn, but the smoke it produces, is not so much.

This is caused by the innovative way of controlling its temperature, specially designed by the company. Just like Traeger Century 885 model on this list, the smoke produced is not so much.

Having two ways of increasing the smoke flavour on the Traeger Ironwood 885 model, you got nothing to worry about.

These two systems are not available in any of the grill models on the list, not even the Traeger Century 885 model.

The two eminent smoke flavour systems on the Ironwood 885 series, are the PID control and the D2. Meaning you can comfortably switch from D2 to PID, or vice versa- without an itch.

So, it is obvious that the Traeger Ironwood 885 model is the best on this comparative list. Don’t conclude yet, we yet fully check out the Silverton 620 model compared to others, though.

Notwithstanding, you now enjoy the super smoke mode with exciting flavour and nice temperature control on the Ironwood 885 model.

The smoking system on this grill ensures that it goes around and down your meat before the grill bid its farewell. It does this without having intimate contact with the meat. Except for the Pro 780 model, no other grill on this comparative list got this.

The Traeger Century 885 is quite different from others too, with the cover that prevents it from getting drenched when rainfalls.

On a scale, it is not oblivious that within the Traeger Century 885, Pro 7880, Ironwood 885, and the Silverton 620 grill models.

Both Traeger Century 885 and the Pro 780 are worthy to be compared within each other; other grills (the Ironwood 885 and the Silverton 620) would be considered as birds of a feather.

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The only Silverton series that can be, at least, compared with both Traeger Century 885 and Pro 780 models, is the Silverton 810 grill; but since it is not an item in this article, I would suggest you go research about it.

The 810 model is capable of stepping on the stage with any of the grills on this list, without being timid.

Speaking of the Traeger Silverton 620 model, it has a maximum of 615 square space, a Gen2 motor and a smooth, fast, and easy cleaning process.

The available digital control system on the Traeger Century 885, Pro 780, and Ironwood 885 are likewise fetched on it.

Its stainless steel construction prevents it from rusting, even if it had close contact with air and water for years; it remains in the perfect outlook like you just got it new; always shinning and glowing-amazing, isn’t it.

Other grill models on this comparative list that has this same feature are Traeger Century 885 and Ironwood 885.

The stainless steel construction also enables you to find powder coating absent whenever you are working on the inside of the grill; cooking.

You also have dual iron-made grates for your cooking, which is guarded by wide and properly protected nontoxic covering. It makes it possible for you to anchor grilled food and classic barbeque. It has a great and unique hopper volume, which will comfortably handle a pellet of five gallons.

Just like other grills on this list, excluding the Pro 780 model, it has a D2 direct drive, as the grill’s temperature is automatically controlled when you have consistent cooking activity. Talking on capacity; it has one synonymous to the two other high-end grills in this article, Traeger Century and Ironwood, particularly. Silverton 620 will perfectly cook full harms, full turkeys, and beer can chicken without an amateurish result.

You can remotely control your grill, just like other grills in this article. The WiFire app feature is available for you to moderate and control your grill from anywhere you find yourself.

You necessary don’t need to be physically present in the presence of heat, making you profusely sweat.

A tap on your smartphone will settle all without compromise.

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To have a long-lasting and excellent result, you will need to, as usual, always maintain your grill by occasionally cleaning it; just like an automobile or an electronic appliance in your house. So as for other grills listed on this comparative list.

For cleaning, you will need to purchase Traeger’s grill cleaning fluid, which has been pretty effective for a lot of barbeque lovers.

A 6-in-1 painter’s tool, so cheap and less difficult to use. And lastly, a small vacuum cleaner is perfect for the accumulation of dirt in your grill.

These tools are needed for any grill whatsoever. On a scale, I would say Ironwood 885 top the list, next to Traeger Century 885, Silverton 620, and then Pro 780.

Although Silverton 620 has not been produced for quite a time it is no longer in their upgrade or grill making models. The only place you can get it is from folks that have got it before know but wish to sell it secondhand. Technically, its existence, in the company’s world, has come to stay.

How Long Will A Traeger Pellet Last?

This will shed more light on the necessary steps needed to better time your pellet, especially when regular usage is your hobby. We will tell you the best way to store it, the hopper or long term storage.

I guess you are about to consider your budget for pellet, isn’t it? Yes, this is important as well, no doubt. Most times pellets from Traeger are always in a 20-Ibs bag, which will cost you nothing less than $19 in a local store, as of now.

There are less pricey ones. Which can be gotten on the market; but most of the time are always off-brand. Bear Mountain Brand, for instance, is not as expensive as pellets from Traeger.

Having said this, you should know that making use of Traeger, will handle 1-3 Ib pellets to burn for approximately one hour, based on the temperature it is regulated to.

One Ib of pellet will take just an hour to get burn, when you employ the slow and low smoking system, while an hour time frame will comfortable run your 3 Ib, using the fast direct and hot grilling. Pellets are most times expensive to run, you will be running on a time frame of 10 hours if you were to burn a 10 bag pellet size.

However, smoking technology is one in a million, they work amazingly well, fast, and comfortably. All you need do is to set it up and go catch the air, it will automatically control and moderate it, amazing, isn’t it?

Can I Leave Traeger Pellets In The Hopper?

Asides from the question accustomed with its answer above, another frequently asked question is that is leaving pellets in the hopper good or not, and how long should it last if one is to make them remain there.

Nothing is wrong will make a large number of pellets remain in the hopper for as long as you choose, but such practice is not the best. The rain, fluctuating temperature, humidity and slowness will make it remain soft and the end of the day.

A longer left will make them smell, clog up to the auger, or rot, which makes it uneasy for you to use the next time you wish to make use of the grill. To be on the safest path, a thoroughly sealed 5 gallon kept in a cool and dry room will be the best option. Your bucket must have a metal handle, to make its mobility, fast, comfortable, and easy.

By doing this, you guard your pellet against direct contact with sun, snow, humidity, air, moisture, and other elements that could leave it in the softest texture.

It is always amazing when you make sure that your pellet grill is emptied whenever it is used, no grill is exempted. Burning the pellets left in your auger immediate after the hopper is emptied does not harm.

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