Traeger Ironwood 650 Vs 885 COMPARISON

Being one of the top-rated and most used grills in the industry, Traeger is easy to control with the use of apps, and nice technological features.

Both models are of quality, as they remain amazing when it comes to wood pellet grills. Ironwood 650 is ideal for cooking pork and any other meat, it has a fantastic timing system, as it treats every grilling and searing with the needed mark.



Traeger Ironwood 650 Vs 885 Review

Since Ironwood 885 does the same as the 650, one of the major differences is the space. Ironwood 650 does not occupy wider space compared to 885. Ironwood 885 is ideal for much cooking. 690 square inches is all that the Ironwood 680 grill can curtail, while you have a square inch measured at 850 for the Ironwood 885 grill.

Asides from this, the cooking capacity is another thing to talk about, while Ironwood 650 has the maximum capacity to cook 5 rib racks, 6 pork butts, and 8 chickens, Iron 885 will handle 7 rib racks, 9 pork butts, and 10 chickens, you can see the difference, can’t you?



Additionally, you have an extra space at the bottom of your Ironwood 885 grill, which allows you to make use of both the grate at the tip and the half-spaced grate at the top.

The top rack can be easily detached; in case you prefer it removed. The top rack is made available strictly for cooking brisket or any other slow cooking recipe.

Both models can be controlled with your smartphone, let’s assume you are quite a distance away from it ̶ you got no reason to be frigid. None is bad for a family picnic or little gathering for partying.

Amazingly, both models read up to 500 degrees in temperature, whenever you need to purchase or make use of any.

The maximum temperature is ideal for roasting, smoking, braising, baking, and having your BBQ.

You also have the independence of checking if your meat is cooking or not. You got more meat to cook, as you oversee the temperature as well.

An escape root at the ports, makes the smoke exit with ease, making your food smokier with breath-taking flavours lingering around it like the beautiful ornament on a Christmas tree.

This feature is exclusive to these two Traeger Ironwood series only; it is not available for the Pro grill series.

The app enhances your cooking, asides from the monitory and controlling aspect it provides, it brings related suggestions that will boost your cooking with a tremendous result.

For those who are keen to having friends around for their small get-together, or gathering with families, kith and kin, you might want to go for the Traeger Ironwood 885. It is large enough to cook for at least a couple of heads, the 650 models wouldn’t cater for a lot of people.

It is better to invest once, while you move on with other things. Hence, you might want to select the Traeger Ironwood 885 due to the spacious grill it provides for several visitors.

Asides from this, these two series got similar features, the space is what sets the division. They both provide digital means of control and monitoring.

With Traeger Ironwood 650 and 885, you are set to make your cooking, fast, easy, safe and secured.

Bid farewell to remaining in heat as your grill does the cooking, you feel so uncomfortable, but no go choice than to remain there, since there is no alternative.

Let bygones be bygones, you can now custom-handle your grill without stress; the Traeger Ironwood series is the gateway.

Moving on, the 650 weighs 149 Ibs., while 885 weighs 170 Ibs., the distinct iconic sawhorse design used by Traeger is eminent on both models, along with those wheels that are all-terrain in long, which helps you to mobile them freely for any task you wish.

Unlike other models from Traeger, these two models come with smarter controls for smoking and grilling; based on the selected temperature, the grill automatically includes the needed pellets for an optimum cooking experience.

Your preference, here, should be based on your intentions for any of them. The only difference between

Traeger Ironwood 650 and Traeger Ironwood 885 is that while one can only handle small cooking activities, the other one will do both small and medium cooking experiences.

They are all similar in features, capacity is the landmark that sets Traeger Ironwood 650 as the pacesetter.

So if you ask me which one is better, the Traeger Ironwood 650 or the Traeger 885, I would the large size for 885 gives her the shoulder pad to raise above Mount Everest.

Both are worth your pay; you will be getting maximum experience for a minimum payment. The D2 Direct Drive and WiFIRE are part of the amazing features, the Downward Exhaust System and the Super Smoke mode, along with the digital control system, are the other fantastic features these models possess.

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Traeger Ironwood Vs Timberline

Within the last few years, Traeger has proven to be the best in the industry, having produced several amazing models, leaving Z Grills and Pit boss on the lower product level.

Traeger now got several grills to its name; the prominent ones are Traeger Ironwood, Traeger Timberline, and the Traeger Pro Series. Asides from other series of theirs, these three are amazing and easy to use.

Speaking on the crux, Traeger Ironwood and Traeger Timberline, are look-alike, with the well-known D2 Direct Drive from Traeger.

Both grills, also have the WiFire control system added, with a magnetic door, that gives you tightened close whenever you put them to shut.

None is uneasy to clean, you got enough space to move your hands, and within few minutes, you have all obeying the commands from your hands.

Upon that, the major difference is that Timberline serves you with stainless steel for its interior walls, while the steel provides a pellet sensor that automatically tells you whenever the pellet gets close to draining its battery. Asides from this, most sellers wouldn’t want to keep Timberline in stock.

They prefer the Ironwood grill, not because Timberline is bad. No, both are excellent. But they got undying love for Ironwood grill; according to our research.

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