Traeger Pro 22 Vs 575 – WHICH IS BETTER? FIND OUT

Is Pro22 and 575 catching you in the wood of indecision? You are on the right ground for an effective solution. Pro22 got a two-in-one feeling as the grill and pellet are all together. The wood pellet grill enables your grilling, braising, barbeque, roasting, baking, and smoking.

Your cooking is given touch per excellence if used in both the winter and summer months, with fewer things to worry about.



Traeger Pro 22 Vs 575 Review

The Pro series receives a new touch and look, as the Pro 575 comes with a differently placed smokestack and hopper, the fan’s speed is undoubted, the best.

It works in the different speed range, as keeps the fire around tour food, while heat and smoke rally around.

You can even have your flavours and beverages circulate with the smoke, amazing, isn’t it?

Grill gets to the highest temperature within a short time, it’s faster and rapid; the fan and auger work simultaneously, without any interference.

The Pro 575 has more features than the 22; you got an innovation called WiFire, where you get to access the temperature of your grill from anywhere; both in your hours, and whenever you step out your door to run an errand.

The accessibility is carried out as you have a strong connection to the Wi-Fi at home, all you need do is to make your wireless connection remain as intact as anything.

You will be able to regulate the temperature generating from inside your cooking, and know the exact time when your pellet’s hardwood is on a low temp.



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A distinct feature between the Traeger Pro 22 and 575 is nothing else than the time starter.

Previously made grills will have you remain on your feet within 15minutes at maximum before the grill warms up after you could have started it.

You can then go ahead to regulate the temperature to a peak of 450° after the warming up process.

Dwelling on these two series, Traeger Pro 22 and 575, they both allow you to set the temperature all by yourself before it begins the warming up process at once, which saves you from self-carried out initiation in two steps.

But there is quite a difference between the amount of time needed to reach the peak of the temperature, which is 450°.

The Pro 22 warms up after ten minutes, while the maximum temperature reaches the apex after seven minutes.

As for Traeger Pro 575, you have 12 minutes for the last temperature to be annexed ̶ giving you a time difference of five minutes.

Meaning that the Traeger Pro 22 is faster in reaching the top temperature than the Traeger Pro 575.

Asides from this, the Pro 575 got a faster heat recovery system than the other; you need about six minutes for it to reach the top temperature once you allow the heat to leave, while minutes will get the Pro 22 to the highest temperature.

This is when they are dropped to 200° and 218°, respectively.

Although both products do not have a wide difference, you will find it fascinating, especially for the Pro 575, to have your eyes on the grill’s temperature, even without being physically present.

You can monitor all temperatures from the fingers fixed with your palms; your phone is all you need, isn’t it amazing?

This is truly something hard to beat, right? You don’t only monitor your grill’s temperature, remotely, you can also close the grill down totally.

Your pork, beef brisket, and other edibles can be smoked without stress and fear of them getting burnt.

With the new Traeger 575, you would end up finding it difficult to leave your comfort zone to catch up with dinner or any other meal outside.

The Standard WiFi Grill Feature By Traeger

Traeger’s Timberline series started Wi-Fi connectivity in her wood pellet grills in 2017. This feature allows you to remotely monitor and control your grill without stress, but not all new products of theirs add it; the models with Wi-Fi connectivity were limited to just two, of which cost $1700 only.

Not only were you able to read your grill’s temperature without being physically present, but you could also add recipes to both Timberline 1300 and 850, just by making use of the app. 2019 then came in with an innovation known as WiFire, which was made available on all products, afterwards.

As at this time, the company began to name her models according to the amount of space they could take for indoor or outdoor activities.

Using the Pro 575, for instance, it was named because it could cover a space of 575 square inches.

The new models also provide different amounts of temperature, for high searing, and barbeque for slow-cooking.

To put an end to the use of firewood, which could result in clinical or health issues, these new models work perfectly well, when you have them connected to a direct source of electrical power, either by extension or making use of an outlet.

You don’t need to break the bank or cut to purse to purchase an ergonomic model, with $799 and above, affordability is kept on priority.

Your cooking is kept at the nicest circulation of smoke, as the Pro Series grills got D2 Direct Drive, which enables the fan and auger to work at an excellent rate.

They also allow easy regulation and hotness whenever the temperature gets to the highest as fast as possible.

All these features are available at an affordable rate; with the price of $700 to $1000, you can get your preference right at your sight, as it remains yours forever, without leaving the incredible experience you will get anything you decide to cook, behind. Pro 22 and Pro 34 are without Wi-Fi connectivity.

Another model that performs just like the new Traeger models, is the Ironwood.

The only difference is that, unlike the Pro series, this offers a higher temperature as the Super smoke mode allows you to have more smoke to your cooking, but the grills are smaller than the Pro series.

The temperature is between 165 and 500, higher than Traeger’s Pro series, isn’t it?  Nevertheless, both got you the needed quality, the ball is in your court,

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